Posted 5 years ago by Open Skies Praise

The main goal of Open Skies Praise is to create Christian music that is accessible to everyone. We hope that you enjoy our recordings, but we're trying to go beyond that by equipping you with the tools you need to sing, play, or even lead a congregation. So far those tools have included chord sheets and lyric videos - the only problem with these resources is that they assume you want to play our songs in the same key we recorded them. Transposition is a valuable skill, but it can also be a time-consuming process, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible!

With all of this in mind, we're proud to present a new feature on the Open Skies Praise website - customizable chords! Each song now has an entry in the Free resources section of the page with a link to that song's customizable chords page, which allows you to change the key of the song and preview the chords in real time. Once you get the song transposed to the key you want, you can download a PDF file, and even create capo sheets to make it easier to play on guitar.

Click here to try it out on the song He Is Good, or click on Customizable chords in the Free resources section of any of our songs. We hope that this new feature is useful to you, and feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!

P.S. If you're interested, the custom chord sheets are powered by an open source project we're working on called ChordScribe. The code is on GitHub for both the layout engine and a basic viewer example. As of right now, the code is pretty messy and there's no documentation. But this is an ongoing project!