Nothing But The Blood is a classic hymn that was written over 140 years ago by Robert Lowry, and it's one of our favorites because it paints a picture of our need for Jesus' sacrifice with vivid imagery and a simple melody. Our version adds modern instrumentation, as well as a new chorus lyrically based on an early 20th century hymn, I Will Praise Him by Margaret J. Harris.

Recording note: the bass guitar was recorded separately after the main recording was finished, and the electric guitar solo was spliced together from two separate live takes. All of the other instruments and vocals were recorded live.


Fall Jam 2017


"Nothing But The Blood (I Will Praise Him)" © 2017 by Open Skies Praise is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Arrangement © 2017 by Brad Gibson, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Original words & music by Robert Lowry & Margaret J. Harris, Public Domain. For more information and additional resources, visit

Video information:

Filmed at the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Bass Harbor, Maine.
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